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Shape the future of America by investing in America's future

We're all painfully aware of the dramatic decline of our culture, threats to our freedoms, and increasing divisions and violence tearing at the very fabric of our nation. The principles and values America was founded on are vanishing away with each passing generation. America is facing a cultural crisis of epic proportion but there is one sure-fire solution to turn the tide, and restore hope for the future of America—bring in the Moms!

From the dawn of time women have always been the greatest influence on society—especially in the home. It is the mothers who set the standard of decency, civility, and humanity in society. If we want short term results that wax and wane in four-year cycles then we can put all our time, resources, and hope in a political solution. But if we want real solutions with lasting results then we need to look to the homes of America because that is where the real hope for America lies. That is the very reason Moms for America is dedicated to promoting a foundation of liberty and civility where it begins—in the home.

There are many organizations that focus on public policy and elections. Moms for America is the only organization laser-focused on the foundational solution of providing moms with the tools they need to succeed in nurturing a love of liberty in the home and in the hearts of their children.

Founded in 2004, Moms for America is a national, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting a foundation of liberty and civility in the homes of America, through the mothers of America. Your tax-deductible gift helps fund the family-focused, liberty-promoting programs and resources of Moms for America which include the Cottage Meeting Project, Mom Vote, American Heritage Center, Hearthstone Education Plan, and the Mom's March Movement.

If you share the belief that solutions begin and end in the home and with the family, Moms for America is uniquely positioned to help you fulfill your deepest desire of making a real and lasting difference in the future of our nation. Thank you so much for your generous support.